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  1. Fresh eyes turn to matters of governance

    by Rhona Davidson

    Lead Development Officer (Governance, Training and Strategic Service Development)

    Spring is a chance to look towards a fresh start. We welcome new beginnings whether personal or work, looking at our ambitions for the future. It can also be a time to refresh our outlook and this can be the same for the many varied and diverse organisations operating in the Third Sector. As the days begin to get lighter and longer, we can look at things with a fresh pair of eyes allowing groups to come together and review both their day-to-day operations and long term aims and vision.

    As groups hold AGMs and publish their reports – including their financials - so begins the annual cycle of both planning and reviews, with governance naturally uppermost in staff and volunteer’s minds.

    As well as the obligations to OSCR and Companies House, governance issues can also include the review of both staff/volunteer appraisals, the decision making processes of the groups and an evaluation of their governing documents. All of this raises questions, such as, “are we still operating as we have defined in our constitution or articles of association?”

    Trustees/Directors or committee members commitments can change over time, operational volunteers can move onto pastures new, while external forces can also have an immediate impact on the operations of groups or charities.

    This is where AVA can step in and help support groups navigating these issues, by guiding them through best practice models, encouraging groups to undertake a Good Governance Check-up and reminding groups of their obligations and responsibilities. We can give free and direct support where required, allowing Third Sector Organisations to clearly focus on their aims.

    If you’d like to find out just some of what our Governance Specialist (Rhona Davidson) can offer you, please visit our Governance webpage here. To request support, please complete this form or email her directly on Rhona.Davidson@avashire.org.uk