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Consultation on Disability Benefits
Social Security Scotland is keen to gather views of people with a working knowledge of social security, including disability benefits, and experience of applying for disability benefits. This consultation asks questions on whether the policy intent set out in the Scottish approach to Disability Assistance will meet the needs of the children and adults it is intended to help. They would like to gather views to ensure they have identified the best possible approach to delivering this assistance before they draft the benefit regulations. Take part here:

Cafes in communities
Are you involved in running a café in a local community (geographical or shared interest) run for local people and/or by local people? Please take part in a short survey for Community Food and Health Scotland (CFHS) which is working with Senscot and café networks across Scotland. It wants to highlight the contribution that cafes make in supporting communities' health and wellbeing, and find out what would help make sure cafes in communities are, and continue to be, seen as valuable assets and sustainable. Please complete the short survey here

Children and Families consultation
The Scottish Government’s Children and Families Directorate launched their Children’s Services Planning: Provision of Statutory Guidance Consultation in March. The consultation aims to test whether the existing Statutory Guidance contained within Part 3, Children’s Services Planning, of The Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014 continues to be relevant, helpful and fit for purpose and to see whether this needs to be adapted, changed or improved. Take part here: The consultation closes on 17th June 2019.

Changing Places toilets: building standards consultation
A change in legislation is proposed to help more people across Scotland with complex care needs take part in everyday activities such as travel, shopping, family days out or sporting events. Changing Places Toilets (CPTs) offer larger, supported facilities that address the needs of people for whom current accessible sanitary accommodation is inadequate. A network of nearly 200 CPTs exists across Scotland but there is no current legislation requiring their provision within buildings. The government have launched a consultation on proposals to introduce a requirement for CPTs through revisions to the building standards system. Closing date of 13th May 2019. Read more and take part here: 

Kincardineshire Development Partnership - Services Survey
Kincardineshire Development Partnership (KDP) is currently conducting a feasibility study to ascertain the viability of creating a social enterprise, employability programme for young people. It is envisaged that the social enterprise will provide a range of digital, graphic and film services. KDP is reaching out to gauge interest in the proposed services that the social enterprise could offer. Please fill in the survey here:

Local Heat & Energy Efficiency Strategy Survey live
Aberdeenshire Council is developing a Local Heat & Energy Efficiency Strategy (LHEES) to help small and medium-sized businesses to save money by reducing energy use. Please help to inform this strategy and ensure it is relevant to your needs by taking part in the survey at:


Take part in Inclusion Scotland research interviews
Inclusion Scotland are looking for disabled people to take part in a research project exploring when our experiences of discrimination are about more than just being disabled. Find out more and take part here:

Job Grant consultation
The Scottish Government is introducing the Job Grant, a new benefit to support young people moving into employment. They are keen to speak to young people to understand their experiences gaining employment and any barriers in getting benefits information or accessing services - to ensure the Job Grant service is accessible and fit for purpose. If your organisation can support this, the Scottish Government would like to hear from you.  Feedback sessions can be catered to work for you, researchers can attend an existing group/session for a chat or can organise one-off sessions as convenient; they are also flexible on speaking to groups or individuals.  To get involved please email

Carers Act - Support for Third Sector
Following the introduction of the Carers ( Scotland) Act last year, Coalition of Carers in Scotland are currently looking at how they can better support third sector and voluntary/community groups with their understanding of carers' rights in Scotland. With that in mind, they would really appreciate it if you could take a couple of minutes to fill out a quick questionnaire about any resources/training needs around carers rights that they could maybe help you with. Visit the survey here:

Scottish Government Consultation Hub

The Scottish Government wants to make it as easy as possible for those who wish to express their opinions on a proposed area of work to do so in ways which will inform and enhance that work.
They have a consultation hub on their website where you can view and take part in consultations as well as see consultations that have already been archived.

Visit the hub here:

Please send information about consultations that are live and relevant to the Third Sector to: