Mediation Service


Mediation is a flexible process that can be used to settle disputes in a whole range of situations. Mediation involves an independent third party, the mediator, who helps people to agree a solution when there is a disagreement. The mediator helps parties work out what their issues and options are, then uses those options to work out an agreement.

In the Third Sector, mediation can be used in a wide variety of situations and is especially useful when disputes have arisen or there are relationship difficulties between board members, committee members, employees or volunteers. The very passion, drive and commitment that draws people into the third sector can heighten issues and very quickly escalate disagreements into major disputes.

An independent mediator can help people work out and express what their issues are and then explore what options might be available for moving forward. AVA have qualified Mediators for the Workplace staff who have undergone external training on conflict resolution. We provide:

  • Ample chance for both parties to speak
  • Confidential mediation
  • A safe environment for both parties
  • Impartial, open, neutral and respectful discussion
  • Complete transparency of process to you
  • Notes that will be destroyed afterwards
  • A summary and ask questions to clarify

If you are already an AVA Member then this service is free!​ Our non-AVA Member charge is £250. For more information, please fill in our Support Request form and select the 'Mediation' option here.