Below are links to some resources we think you may find useful. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see
downloadable resources and how-to guides that may benefit your organisation. 

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Office Services for AVA Members
AVA Finances 2022
AVA Finances 2022
AVA Annual Report
2023 AVA Annual Report
Communications Toolkit
Communications Toolkit
TSI Scotland Network
There are 32 Charities making up Scotland's TSI Network. AVA is Aberdeenshire's TSI.
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Aberdeenshire Community Learning & Development (CLD)
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A Local Information System for Scotland - health and wellbeing
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SCVO Good Governance Checkup
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OSCR Guidance to Becoming A Charity in Scotland
Data Protection
AVA Data Protection & Privacy Notice

Quick Guides for New & Existing Groups

Organisation Governance

Governance is about ensuring that your group is well run, and is effective at delivering the purpose(s) for which it was created.

Involving Volunteers

Volunteers deliver significant outcomes, especially in times of the greatest need. Here are some things to consider when working with volunteers.

Volunteer Management

Organisations have oligations to their volunteers. Here are some things to consider and links to help you support your volunteers.

Risk Assessment

Help to keep your staff, volunteers and service users safe from undue injury or harm whilst they perform their duties.

Disclosure & PVG

Disclosure checks and the PVG scheme  are important, and the context of your work will determine which is most appropriate to pursue.

Data & GDPR

People who give you access to their personal data need to know that you will use it fairly and responsibly, and that you can be trusted to protect it from misuse.

Communications Toolkit

This beginner's guide to effective communication for your group will show you how to draft media releases, get your stories to the right places and lots more. 

Funding Application Tips

 This guide is written by those who have experience of the application process ans will help your group to optimise your chances of securing funding.