Volunteering development in Aberdeenshire

AVA Volunteering is a one-stop shop for all aspects of local volunteering. Our staff work in home-based locations across Aberdeenshire making our support as accessible as possible to all.

 What we dovolunteer hands

  • Promote and support volunteering in Aberdeenshire
  • Provide training for organisations that involve volunteers
  • Provide training for volunteers who wish to get started or improve their skills
  • Deliver volunteering awards
    • Young Aberdeenshire Volunteer Award (5-15 years)
    • Saltire Award (12-25 years)
    • Aberdeenshire Volunteer Award (18+ years).
  • Deliver Volunteer Friendly Award – a sign of quality designed for organisations 
    who use volunteers
  • Promoting volunteering across Aberdeenshire encourages vibrant, supportive and healthy communities. 

Visit our Development page to find the Development Officer working in your area.