Warm Spaces Aberdeenshire

Warm Spaces in Aberdeenshire

As the temperatures start to fall and people struggle to heat their homes many communities across Aberdeenshire are setting up Warm Spaces to encourage people to stay cosy and connect with others in their community. These are free welcoming spaces for people of all ages to have a blether, play a board game, read the paper, and keep warm over a cup of coffee or a bowl of soup. All sorts of venues are offering warm spaces and here at AVA we are trying to capture all these wonderful spaces in one place.

Our interactive map below will show you exactly where and when in your community these warm spaces are happening and we aim to keep it as up-to-date as possible with any new venues as we move through winter. Please note that local Aberdeenshire Libraries are also warm, welcoming spaces in addition to those featured on the map, and you can find a list of them and their opening times on the Aberdeenshire Council website here.

If you know of a Warm Space that's open to the public in Aberdeenshire, whether a new addition or one continuing from last year, please let us know by filling in this form.

For further support with setting up a Warm Space in Aberdeenshire, contact Aileen Longino, our Development Officer at: Aileen.Longino@avashire.org.uk or call: 07824 096531. Thank you.