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Subscribe to our monthly newsletters here.  Aberdeenshire Voluntary Action aim to keep the local voluntary sector up-to-date with as much information as possible. We fill our newsletters with local and national news, information, funding streams, volunteering and job opportunities, events, training, consultations and loads more. We also invite groups and organisations to use it to publicise their work - so if you want to advertise an event, showcase your work, appeal for volunteers or celebrate a successful funding bid - whatever it is, we’d love to hear about it. You can send any information for our newsletter to newsletter@avashire.org.uk.


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2020 Newsletter Deadlines

February edition - out w/b 27th January - deadline: Friday 17th January
March edition - out w/b 24th February - deadline: Monday 17th February
April edition - out w/b 30th March - deadline: Wednesday 18th March
May edition - out w/b 27th April - deadline: Friday 17th April
June edition - out w/b 25th May - deadline: Monday 18th May
July edition - out w/b 29th June - deadline: Friday 19th June
August edition - out w/b 27th July - deadline: Friday 17th July
September edition - out w/b 31st August - deadline: Monday 17th August
October edition - out w/b 28th September - deadline: Friday 18th September
November edition - out w/b 26th October - deadline: Monday 19th October
December edition - out w/b 30th November - deadline: Friday 20th November
Dec/Jan 2020/21 edition - out w/b 14th December - deadline: Wed 9th Dec


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