Covid-19 Guidance

During this time of significant uncertainty, Aberdeenshire Voluntary Action (AVA) is working closely with the Grampian Local Resilience Partnership and its statutory organisation members. We are continuing to support community and voluntary groups to deliver the vital services that are needed to ensure that our communities remain safe, supported and informed.

We have provided the below links to key sources of information to help the local communities in Aberdeenshire keep informed and up to date with the most recent Coronavirus announcements.

From Tuesday 5 January, mainland Scotland will move from Level 4 to a temporary lockdown, with new guidance to stay at home except for essential purposes.


No in-home socialising (limited exceptions)

Up to 2 people from 2 separate households can meet outdoors for sport, exercise or social interaction. 

Hospitality & Shopping


Essential retail & Click and Collect open only.

Takeaways can still operate as normal, providing food is sold for consumption off premises.


By law, you can only leave your home (or garden) if you have a reasonable excuse.

See here for more guidance.


Open to in-person learning for Pre-school, P1 - P3 and a limited number of senior phase students only. 

Remote learning for all other children and young people.

Colleges & Universities

Restricted Blended

Public Services

Essential face-to-face services only
(online where possible)


To those of you who have volunteered either through the Grampian Coronavirus Assistance Hub or your local community groups and organisations, you are more appreciated than you will ever know. Your efforts have been outstanding and the support you have given to those in need has demonstrated what being human is all about: treating others as you would wish to be treated yourself. 

To those of you who have volunteered but not yet been called upon, please don't be despondent; volunteering is needed all year round by many groups and people. We hope that you would consider volunteering in 'normal' times as well as during national emergencies, so if you'd like to hear more about volunteering opportunities, please email us to register your interest ( You can also visit our volunteering webpage which can be found by clicking here

Read about AVA's Community Spirit Awards here


Funding for your group or organisation

There is a wealth of information available about the many different funds that exist to support community and third sector organisations during this time. We have worked hard to filter some of this information to make it easier for groups to decide which fund(s) they should apply to. For more information, please visit our funding page by clicking here.

Support for New Groups

New Community Groups

To support the many groups who have come together to help those in need in our communities, AVA's Development Officers have prepared a set of resources that we hope will help those groups to navigate the subject of organisation governance. 

Click here for our Quick Guides  for New Groups

Third Sector Lab

Third Sector Lab is a digital service delivery for charities. They can help you get started with remote working and provide vital information on best-practice, policies, guidance and more, for rapid deployment of essential charity services to online channels. It has free weekly open Zoom calls in partnership with SCVO to help charities connect.