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Impact of a Bus Pass on Recovery

The national Partnership for Action on Drugs Scotland (PADS) Communities Committee has the goal of reducing barriers to recovery and tackling stigma for those affected by alcohol or drug use. Community members have expressed at various conversation café events across the country that a lack of affordable transport can be an important barrier to recovery and access to concessionary travel can be an enabler.  The PADS group would like to find out more and would appreciate your help in encouraging affected community members to complete this short survey looking into the impact of bus passes on recovery and access to them. Visit the survey at:

Improved English language provision

To improve access to learn English for Aberdeenshire residents whose first language is not English, the Aberdeenshire Learning Community Partnership (ALCP) is conducting a survey to gather information on what support exists and how it could be increased. The ALCP will use the results of the survey to help it engage with stakeholders to agree on a strategy for the delivery of English language learning support. Your feedback will assist in establishing a single portal for those who need support for learning English to connect with those who can deliver that support. It will also help provide information on what resources and funding should be secured to develop English language provision in Aberdeenshire. Visit the survey here:

Aberdeenshire Recycling Survey

Aberdeenshire Council wants to know how they can help you to recycle more at home and at recycling centres. Please complete their online survey which includes questions on mixed dry recycling, food waste, glass, textiles and garden waste: For more information, please visit the news section of their website:

Preparing for the financial impact of caring – help to test a new online resource

Carers UK is developing an online resource, Thinking Ahead, to help working-age adults prepare for the financial impact of looking after someone. The aim of this work, funded by the Money Advice Service, is to make more people aware of the potential costs involved when friends or family need care, and to help people plan ahead for how they might approach this major life event. When they've received feedback on the resource, they plan to develop it further in the New Year.
To begin the resource:

If you would like any further information about this please contact:

Help us reach 16-24 year-olds in rural Scotland

Scottish Rural Action is doing a youth transport survey to find out how the cost of travel affects young Scots in their work, studies and personal lives.  Travel affects young people very differently in rural areas where public transport is often irregular, unreliable and expensive, compared to in urban areas where young people can often choose between different forms of public transport for the same journey. Please take the survey to help find out if these impacts are felt equally across Scotland's rural areas, or if there are particular issues in different regions.

Formartine/ Buchan Way E-bike Survey

If you could affordably hire an electric bike or an adapted bike, would this make cycling more accessible and enjoyable for you or a member of your family? An electric bike provides a boost of power as you are pedalling.  An adapted bike may be hand powered or a trike or a tandem for example. These adapted bikes make cycling accessible for people with, for example, visual impairments, difficulties balancing or other disabilities. Making these bikes publicly available would require a considerable investment to buy, maintain and operate and so Aberdeenshire Council and its partners wish to gauge public interest before pursuing a funding bid.  If you think you may be interested in hiring electric bikes or adapted bikes to make cycling a more accessible activity for you, or a member of your family,  then fill in the survey here:

Debt clients in vulnerable situations

This study is being run by the Personal Finance Research Centre (based at the University of Bristol), in partnership with the Money Advice Trust and the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute. All three have experience in supporting organisations to improve the way they work with their most vulnerable clients or customers. It involves an online survey of staff and volunteers who provide information and advice to clients on debt-related issues (this includes advisers working for local authorities, for registered social landlords and for other advice sector organisations). The survey asks about advisor’s experiences, attitudes and practices when working with clients in different situations (such as those with mental health problems or addictions, and those at risk of suicide) and offers an opportunity to describe any changes that would enhance the services that are provided. Responses will be used both to inform national policy decisions and to develop new solutions to some of the challenges that the advice sector is facing. You can access the survey at:

Survey - Disabled Women: Our Bodies, Our Rights

Disabled women and girls have the same rights as non-disabled women so this survey aims to find out what needs to change to make their experiences better. Find out more and visit the survey here:

Welfare Foods - a consultation on meeting the needs of children and families in Scotland

The powers over Welfare Foods have been devolved to Scotland through provisions in the Scotland Act 2016. As part of the Scottish Government’s drive to give children the best start in life, improve health outcomes and tackle inequality, this consultation is asking how best to take forward these powers to better meet the needs of children and families in Scotland. Welfare Foods includes the current UK Healthy Start Vouchers and Nursery Milk Scheme. You can read the Scottish Government consultation paper here:
Please complete the online questionnaire by 28 June 2018 at: 

Scottish Government Consultation Hub

The Scottish Government wants to make it as easy as possible for those who wish to express their opinions on a proposed area of work to do so in ways which will inform and enhance that work.
They have a consultation hub on their website where you can view and take part in consultations as well as see consultations that have already been archived.

Visit the hub here:

Please send information about consultations that are live and relevant to the Third Sector to: