“As we work with local organisations, we gather information and understand the issues affecting the sector, so that we can make sure your voice is heard at a local and national level”

Aberdeenshire Voluntary Action works closely with Aberdeenshire Council, NHS Grampian and other members of the
Aberdeenshire Community Planning Partnership.

The day to day work of AVA brings us into contact with volunteers and grass roots Community and Voluntary Sector organisations across the length and breadth of the Shire.

This gives AVA a uniquely detailed knowledge and understanding of Aberdeenshire's Third Sector: its skills; its strengths; its hopes; its needs; its fears and frustrations; the thousand and one things it does each and every day that add value to the lives of individuals and communities; and the even greater things it hopes to achieve for the people and communities of Aberdeenshire in the future.windturbines

By bringing this breadth and depth of experience to the Community Planning table, AVA works to ensure that Aberdeenshire’s vibrant Third Sector plays an ever-growing role in the design and delivery of high-quality public services that continue to meet the needs and aspirations of Aberdeenshire's citizens over the coming years.