Quick Guides for New Groups

To support the many groups who have come together to help those in need in our communities, AVA's Development Officers have prepared a set of resources that we hope will help those groups to navigate the subject of organisation governance. Our aim here is to demystify some of the things that might hold groups back, whilst supporting the people who manage those groups to make sure that they are doing things in a way that will protect themselves and allow the groups to develop and grow for the future.

Organisation Governance

Organisation governance is about ensuring that your group is well run, and is effective at delivering the purpose(s) for which it was created.

Involving Volunteers

Volunteers deliver significant outcomes, especially in times of the greatest need. Here are some things to consider when working with volunteers.

Volunteer Management

Volunteer-involving organisations have oligations to their volunteers. Here are some things to consider and some links to help you support your volunteers.

Risk Assessment

Appropriate risk assessment, control and  management will help to keep your staff, volunteers and service users safe from undue injury or harm whilst they perform their duties.

Disclosure and PVG

Disclosure checks and the PVG scheme are not to be confused. Whilst both are important, the context of your work will determine which is most appropriate to pursue.

Data and GDPR

People who give you access to their personal data need to know that you will use it fairly and responsibly, and that you can be trusted to protect it from misuse.

Aberdeenshire Voluntary Action is an Aberdeenshire Community Planning Partner and we can help you to formally establish your group, apply for funding, and promote your services: We are funded by the Scottish Government and the Aberdeenshire Health and Social Care Partnership to do just that.

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