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Person-centred pathways: helping children be masters of their own future Children in Scotland £35

Facilitated by Children in Scotland

Price: £35

This webinar will give you the tools to support children and young people in understanding where they are in life and what they want to work towards - whether it's in relation to their education, relationships to their education, relationships, health or care.                                                                                               

You will gain an understanding of brain development and emotional regulation and will be introduced to the planning tools required to create person-centred pathways for yourself and the children and young people you work with. 

Key learning: 

  • Understanding how future planning can help children and young people in finding focus and motivation 

  • Understanding how the brain works and how we can open our perceptions to achieve more 

  • Learning to help children identify what is important to them, their strengths and who can support them 

  • Creating realistic, practical timelines with children and young people for moving towards their goal.