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Collective Leadership Workshop

The TSI Children’s Services Network, and the Supporting the Third Sector Project have teamed up to offer you this free learning opportunity. 

Scotland is facing a number of complex, systemic issues, such as poverty, an aging population and climate change. We already know that we need to work collectively to affect change, and that this work is often complex, messy, unpredictable and difficult to achieve. However, creating the time and space to work collectively can be challenging. Day to day work can override our best intentions, and we can remain stuck in our traditional habits and ways of thinking and doing. 

In partnership with the STTS project, Collective Leadership for Scotland is hosting workshops for interested individuals and teams to understand and experience the theory and practice of collective leadership, and to explore what supports us to work well in complexity. There will also be opportunities to discuss potential tailored support for local partnerships after the session. 

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